Episode 1: Introduction to The Gold Collar Investor


Episode 1: Introduction to The Gold Collar Investor

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In this introductory show of “The Gold Collar Investor”, host, Pancham Gupta shares his big “Why” behind starting this show. When you invest your life savings in the stock market, you are at the mercy of various externalities that you have little control over. In this show, we will REVEAL little-known alternative sources of investment that can help you attain financial freedom.
Pancham Gupta

Whether you are a new or seasoned investor, we have some nuanced information guaranteed to maximize returns and build investor wealth. Tune in for some excellent insights!

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Welcome everyone to the very first show of The Gold Collar Investor. In this show, I would like to introduce to you on what this podcast is all about. I know that no one is listening right now but I do hope at some point in time in the future, people will come back and listen to this particular show. I am super pumped and super excited about this podcast.

So, what is this podcast about?

My goal for this podcast is to help people learn how to invest outside of the wall street and create multiple income streams. My goal is to help you to make YOUR money work for you. There are a lot of people out there who have money to invest but do not have the knowledge or time to invest confidently.

It is for the people who have been successful in their careers and are earning six figures salaries or more. This includes people who are computer programmers, engineers, scientists, doctors, etc. It also includes people who have small business practices. Like a dental practice or a cpa practice. Most of these people are highly skilled in their professions and like spending time in doing what they do best. However, since they are so busy with their lives and jobs that they do not have enough time or the knowledge about investing outside the wall street.

I was one of them. Or I should say that I am not was one of them. I went to school to get a computer science degree and got a minor in finance. Soon into my career, I started making 6 figures salary just like many of the highly skilled professionals. One thing that always worried me was on how to invest my savings. I went online to get the information and all i could find was stock market and paper products like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Each of these products are complicated enough and it takes a lot of time to learn them. I did end up spending a lot of time learning about these as my job demanded it as well. The deeper I went into them, I realized that we are at the mercy of the wall street when it comes to these paper products. When the 2008 happened, a lot of people lost their life savings in matter of months. Yes, years of hard work gone in one crash! Put yourself, in their shoes and imagine if it happened to you. Imagine that you worked all your life and when it comes time to retirement, your 401k becomes 201k. I know that this may sound like a joke right now but it is serious stuff. It is a nerve-wrecking feeling. I thought that there has to be a better way to invest. More I talked to people around me, the more I realised that this information is not easily available. All of us went to school to learn a trade, a skill but our educational system teaches us nothing about personal finance. I mean nothing. Even the MBA school doesn’t teach you anything about personal finance. And my friends, that is the reason I created this show. I do really hope that the listeners of this podcast will get enough tools in their toolbox that will help them navigate their investing lives. They will not be left at the mercy of the wall street to invest their hard earned money and eventually get to financial freedom. I feel that high paid professionals generally have stressful jobs, they are overworked, and sometimes outworked, and are highly underserved group of people when it comes to financial education. They deserve better.

I will be going into the whole new world of “the main street” investing on this podcast. Not the wall street investing but the main street investing. I hope that I can help listeners open up their minds to this new world and along the way help you make your money work hard for you. I will also try to address some of the common fears, stigmas and thoughts people have around investing. I will be inviting experts from the industry to talk about different topics and learning from their experiences. These are people who have been there and have been very successful. I will be doing a mix of solo episodes and interviews. Each episode will be at max 30 to 35 minutes as I truly understand the value of time for this group of people. I am super pumped and cannot wait to add a lot of value to my listeners.

Now that we have discussed what this show is about, I would like to touch on why I called this show the gold collar investor?

I am sure that everyone here has heard of the blue collar worker or a white collar worker. So, you must be asking yourself on what is a gold collar worker? There is no one clear definition of The Gold Collar worker and it has not entered the mainstream media. However, according to Wikipedia, the “gold collar worker” term was first used by the novelist Robert Kelley for the first time in 1985. He mentioned that: “the gold collar worker are a new breed of workers. Intelligent, independent, and innovative, these employees are incredibly valuable. They are scientists and mathematicians, doctors and lawyers, engineers and computer programmers, stock analysts and even community planners. They are as distinct from their less skilled white-collar counterparts—bank tellers, bookkeepers, clerks, and other business functionaries—as they are from blue-collar laborers.”

So, I thought, The Gold Collar Investor fits really well on what I am trying to achieve with this podcast. My hope is that one day all these so called “Gold Collar workers” the The Gold Collar Investors! I am super excited and psyched about the show.

I would also like to mention that I created a blog on the website www.thegoldcollarinvestor.com. I will be putting out articles related to this topic there. So, please make sure that you subscribe to it. This way, you will be the first one to be notified of any updates or articles. Also, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button on iTunes or stitcher.

With that, I want to leave you guys with this quote, “If you don’t make your money work hard for you, you will die working hard for money”.

Thanks for listening. If you have questions? Email me at p@thegoldcollarinvestor.com. That’s p as in paul @ thegoldcollarinvestor.com. This is Pancham… Signing off… until next time.. Take care!


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