TGCI 170: Thank You!

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Episode 170: Thank You!

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2021 has surely been a year of ups and downs but success is definitely not the destination but the journey we’ve come so far to accomplish these things. From the bottom of our hearts, The Gold Collar Investor Team would like to thank YOU for being with us as we help provide value and take your first step to achieve financial independence.

Listen to this episode as I express my gratitude to everyone who has made all of this possible. As we head into 2022, let us continue on to this journey and keep striving as we continue to add financial value to our network, and create an impact on the communities as we help grow their wealth!

Pancham Gupta

Tune in to this show and enjoy!

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Welcome to the gold color investor podcast with your host Pancham Gupta. This podcast is dedicated to helping the high paid professionals to break out of the Wall Street investments and create multiple income streams. Here’s your host Pancham Gupta.


Pancham Gupta Thank you for joining the gold collar investor podcast. This is your host punch. I’m really appreciate you for tuning in today. As we head into 2022, I want to say thank you as part of this episode and really want to share our journey what we achieved in 2021. I hope you had a great Christmas week and an amazing new year. As we head into 2022 it fills our heart my heart our heart with gratitude, and joy 2021 has been a monumental and instrumental year at the gold collar investor, podcast family and Mesos capital family, we acquired four assets and had our third exit in 2021. And we also co-authored the best-selling book, bringing value solving problems and leaving a legacy. They say in the private equity space, the first $100 million of assets under management are the most difficult. We 100% approved that statement. It took our company Mesos Capital for years to get to first 100 million dollars in assets under management and it took only six months to get too next 100 50 million. And we are striving to compress that timeframe even further as we continue this journey to help as many people as we can to achieve financial freedom make an impact in the communities that we invest in, grow their wealth, and spend time on what they enjoy the most. We are incredibly proud of our team for what we have achieved. Along with everyone at the gold collar investor and our sponsor, Mesos Capital team, I am filled with gratitude for our incredible investors, loving family and friends and our supportive colleagues. It is not the destination, but it is the journey that we are enjoying the most. It is never a straight line, I will tell you that we have had our shares of challenges that we had to overcome in the last four plus years, you know, with COVID hitting a lot of lot of challenges that we had to overcome. But these challenges have made us better citizens, better syndicators, partners, and better investors. entrepreneurship, as they say, appropriately defined by someone is like jumping off the cliff and making an airplane on your way down before you hit the floor. That statement is 100% true. So, as you plan our goals for 2022. We hope to keep the momentum going and bring value to our network change more lives make an impact to communities we touch and keep striving to compress the timeframe further to achieve financial freedom for our investors as we continue this journey. Thank you so much for tuning in and the best is yet to come. Thank you.


Thank you for listening to the gold collar investor podcast. If you love what you’ve heard and you want more of pension Gupta, visit us at www dot the gold collar And follow us on Facebook at the gold collar investor. The information on this podcast are opinions as always, please consult your own financial team before investing

Copy of EP #18 - 2 Guests

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